Beginning with Habitat


Request Digital GIS Data for a Town or Region in Maine 

The following data layers used to create the Beginning with Habitat maps are available in ESRI Shapefile format. Available data layers are listed below.

Note - this data is intended for planning purposes only. For other uses, or for areas larger than a few towns, please contact Bill Hancock (, 287-5258).

Map 1:

  • Waterbodies, streams, wetlands, and aquifers
  • Buffers of waterbodies, streams, wetlands, and coastlines
  • Watersource protection areas
  • Shellfish growing areas
  • Brook trout habitat

  • Map 2:

  • Deer wintering areas
  • Inland waterfowl/wading bird habitats
  • Tidal waterfowl/wading bird habitats
  • Shorebird areas
  • Seabird nesting islands
  • Significant vernal pools
  • Piping plover/least tern nesting feeding, and brood-rearing areas
  • Roseate tern nesting areas
  • Rare, threatened, or endangered wildlife
  • Rare plants and exemplary natural communities
  • Atlantic salmon spawning and rearing habitat

  • Map 3:

  • Undeveloped habitat blocks
  • Development buffer areas
  • Undeveloped and riparian block connectors
  • Conserved land parcels

  • Map 7:

  • Wetlands characterization
  • Watersheds and subwatersheds

  • Co-occurrence Map:

  • Modeled concentrations of habitat assets

    Please read the following before requesting data:

    • You will need GIS software to view and use this data

    • The shapefiles, ESRI layer files (*.lyr), and accompanying metadata will be mailed to you on CD.
    • Towns and land trusts or other conservation groups receiving a Beginning with Habitat presentation may request free digital data for their area of interest before or after the presentation.  Towns  undergoing the comprehensive planning process receive BwH data as part of the SPO Comprehensive Planning Resource Package.
    • Data are available for the organized towns of Maine only.
    • Updated Data:  The data layers included here are updated by the source agencies on different schedules.  Users are encouraged to update their data annually. 
    • Requests for digital data should be directed to Bill Hancock (, 287-5258)
    • Every effort is made to process data requests within 10 working days.


    ALL fields are required for processing a GIS Data Request unless noted.

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