Beginning with Habitat


Request Map Reprints

To order paper copies of existing Beginning with Habitat maps for specific towns or regions in Maine, please read the following, then fill in the form below

Only reprints of existing maps may be requested through the website.  Before submitting a request, please make sure that the town in question has been mapped. (Check availability)

New maps are generated as they are needed for towns and groups undergoing planning and requesting presentations.  If your town or group is undertaking a land use planning effort and would like new maps and a presentation, please contact us at

  • Towns are mapped at 1:24,000 scale
  • Page size for most towns is 36" x 36", but can be up to 36" x 48" depending on the shape of the town

  • Every effort is made to process map requests within 10 working days.

    Digital map files can be downloaded for free online. PDF-format files (available for only some Maine towns or regions) can be viewed without printing.  To print a map file, you must have a 36"-wide plotter.

    Map 1 - Water Resources and Riparian Habitats
    Map 2 - High Value Plant and Animal Habitats
    Map 3 - Conserved Lands, Undeveloped Habitat Blocks, and Habitat Connections
    Map 7 - Wetlands Characterization
    Co-occurrence Map

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