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Using BwH in the Required Elements of a Comprehensive Plan

Under Maine's Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Regulation Act (MRSA Title 30-A § 4301-4350), Comprehensive Plan Review Criteria Rule (Chapter 208), there are several elements of a comprehensive plan that must be included in order for the plan to be found consistent with the Act. Beginning with Habitat (BwH) data can be useful in the development of several of these elements, in particular, with drafting the topic area sections, with creating a future land use plan, and with developing a regional coordination program. Click the links below to find out more about how BwH data can contribute to these sections of your comprehensive plan.

The required elements of a comprehensive plan as identified in Maine's Comprehensive Plan Review Criteria Rule include:

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  • A Vision Statement summarizing the public participation process and outlining how information gathered during the process was used to guide your plan.
  • Topic Area Components including analyses, condition and trend data, policies, and strategies developed for each of thirteen required topic areas.
  • A Future Land Use Plan which is intended to synthesize information collected in each topic area into a cohesive guide to realizing your community's vision, including the development of land use regulations/ordinances.
  • A Regional Coordination Program which must be pursued with other communities to manage shared resources such as lakes, rivers, aquifers and transportation systems.
  • Plan Implementation that prioritizes how implementation strategies will be carried out.
  • Evaluation Measures including an outline describing how the community will periodically evaluate the plan and progress toward achieving plan goals.

In addition, to meet the requirements of the Comprehensive Plan Criteria Rule, your community must submit a self-assessment checklist and provide certification of your plan. For a complete list of the required elements of a comprehensive plan, visit: Maine's Comprehensive Plan Criteria Rule.


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