Beginning with Habitat


Performance Standards

1. Introduction | 2. Net Residential Density | 3. Reduced Lot Size | 4. Road Standards | 5. Invasive Species

Introduction to Performance Standards

Upland SandpiperPerformance standards are an important part of any ordinance. They regulate the effects of various uses and help to provide clear and definitive standards that current and future land uses must meet. Some performance standards apply to all uses, while others apply only to specific uses. Attached below are performance standards that address habitat-related topics.

Example Tools

  • Net Residential Density- A tool to provide significant ecological protections by limiting the potential density of future development in sensitive areas.
  • Reduced Lot Size Outside of Subdivision Review- A tool addressing single lot development by allowing the creation of lots down to the state minimum size while the balance of the zone's minimum lot size is protected against future development through an indenture.
  • Road Standards- A tool to reduce direct consequences for wildlife habitat that can result from some street design and acceptance policies.
  • Invasive Species- A list of invasive plant species that have potential negative consequences on habitat quality.

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